Sunday September 25, 2016

My Story Of A Search For An Apple Store, Stumbling Upon Amazing Coffee & A Wifi Spot In Greece

A few days before getting to Greece I had noticed my computer cord was breaking in the area that connected to the power box on the side that plugs into the computer but I didn’t think much about it. While we were in the port of Piraeus my cord stopped working all of a sudden. A slight panic came over me but quickly went away as I hopped off the ship with all my computer stuff and set out to find an apple store. Once I got to the terminal I quickly googled and found the nearest apple store about a 20-minute walk away from the ship. Using the app,, I started on my journey with my friend to find this apple store in Greece. Once we got to where the offline gps map ( told us to go we could not find the apple store. Frustrated, hungry and getting more and more nervous by the second I decided to pop into a place called “Public” and ask them for help. As I walked in I saw a bunch of apple products on the far wall and realized it wasn’t specifically an apple store, but a store that had apple products and apple assistance in it along with many other electronic company venues. After I found the computer cord I needed and with much relief I rested easy. As I went to pay my card wouldn’t work. I then realized I hadn’t called the company to tell them I was out of the company and reassure them as the cord was 99 euros and that’s a bit more than the 1,30 euro coffee I had bought with my card in the Iceland airport. While looking around my friend and I found a café on the second floor. We decided to stop for ice cream and rest before trekking back to the ship.  The ice cream was amazing! Even though I had to come back the next day to buy the cord because that’s when it would be activated I wasn’t upset, it meant I could come back tomorrow and try the other flavors of ice cream the Public Café offered!

The next day one of my other friend needed some assistance with her phone. I told her about public and her and I, and a few others, made our way to Public. With blogging and photo editing in mind I brought all of my stuff. When we got there I bought the cord and we inquired about her phone. After we were all settled and got everything we all needed we split off and I went to the café (that was open 9-9). I set everything up and charged my computer. The wifi was fantastic! It was so fast and loaded my photos faster than any place I had found the other two days I attempted to find fast wifi.

After going to Public Café everyday after I discovered it, I finally went for the last time this past Friday before we had to be on the ship to depart. The gentlemen that had been serving me the past 4 days finally asked me how my stay was and I explained how I loved the café here and that was my last day. I was surprised he inquired about me because every time I came he got me waters and took my order but never talked to me. Maybe he felt more comfortable approaching me and starting a conversation after I had been there consistently for a few days. I felt as though I had passed some sort of test and was initiated into the ok American by Greek standards club.

This is one thing that I truly enjoyed about Greece was finding this café. Yes it may not have been a mom and pops shop but it had amazing authentic Greek coffee, filled with Greek people, great wifi and a great view of that part of Piraeus.

Also remember if your charger looks like it’s breaking, should probably go get it checked out or buy a new one. ;)

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