My Story Of A Search For An Apple Store, Stumbling Upon Amazing Coffee & A Wifi Spot In Greece

A few days before getting to Greece I had noticed my computer cord was breaking in the area that connected to the power box on the side that plugs into the computer but I didn’t think much about it. While we were in the port of Piraeus my cord stopped working all of a sudden. A slight panic came over me but quickly went away as I hopped off the ship with all my computer stuff and set out to find an apple store. Once I got to the terminal I quickly googled and found the nearest apple store about a 20-minute walk away from the ship. Using the app, maps.me, I started on my journey with my friend to find this apple store in Greece. Once we got to where the offline gps map (maps.me) told us to go we could not find the apple store. Frustrated, hungry and getting more and more nervous by the second I decided to pop into a place called “Public” and ask them for help. As I walked in I saw a bunch of apple products on the far wall and realized it wasn’t specifically an apple store, but a store that had apple products and apple assistance in it along with many other electronic company venues. After I found the computer cord I needed and with much relief I rested easy. As I went to pay my card wouldn’t work. I then realized I hadn’t called the company to tell them I was out of the company and reassure them as the cord was 99 euros and that’s a bit more than the 1,30 euro coffee I had bought with my card in the Iceland airport. While looking around my friend and I found a café on the second floor. We decided to stop for ice cream and rest before trekking back to the ship.  The ice cream was amazing! Even though I had to come back the next day to buy the cord because that’s when it would be activated I wasn’t upset, it meant I could come back tomorrow and try the other flavors of ice cream the Public Café offered!

The next day one of my other friend needed some assistance with her phone. I told her about public and her and I, and a few others, made our way to Public. With blogging and photo editing in mind I brought all of my stuff. When we got there I bought the cord and we inquired about her phone. After we were all settled and got everything we all needed we split off and I went to the café (that was open 9-9). I set everything up and charged my computer. The wifi was fantastic! It was so fast and loaded my photos faster than any place I had found the other two days I attempted to find fast wifi.

After going to Public Café everyday after I discovered it, I finally went for the last time this past Friday before we had to be on the ship to depart. The gentlemen that had been serving me the past 4 days finally asked me how my stay was and I explained how I loved the café here and that was my last day. I was surprised he inquired about me because every time I came he got me waters and took my order but never talked to me. Maybe he felt more comfortable approaching me and starting a conversation after I had been there consistently for a few days. I felt as though I had passed some sort of test and was initiated into the ok American by Greek standards club.

This is one thing that I truly enjoyed about Greece was finding this café. Yes it may not have been a mom and pops shop but it had amazing authentic Greek coffee, filled with Greek people, great wifi and a great view of that part of Piraeus.

Also remember if your charger looks like it’s breaking, should probably go get it checked out or buy a new one. ;)

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