Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

As my roommates and I sat around the dining room table, we all got the sisterhood of the traveling scarf e-mail. At different times we brought it up and all decided it would be something fun to do together. Little did we know it would not just be something fun to share but also something that bonded us even more!

I decided I wanted to participate in this idea of a group of women getting together and sharing the experience of spending a day with the scarf and reflecting on the experience before sharing the scarf with another woman. The idea of this journey is the opportunity to meet woman in the UD community and find the common fabric that connects us all. Each woman get’s a day with the scarf before passing it off. A group of women interested in this aspect of something with different reasons is exciting to me! The idea of coming together in ways where we don’t have to all meets each other to accept each other.

I also did this activity because I wanted to be apart of this adventure. Not only to experience it but witness the power of having something to bond over with a group of women. Scarves are also important in our society as far as what it does for our physical appearance and how it can bring us comfort. Scarves can be a symbol for so many different reasons. Because of this idea of scarves having different symbols, I am excited to see what this journey meant for each woman involved.

When I was younger – elementary school level – I saw scarves as a means of warmth. As I moved into middle school and high school they became an accessory. As I now grow through college, they have become both a means of warmth and fashion; not one or the other as I portrayed in my growth from elementary to high school.

This journey for me has made me come to the realization that scarves can have even more meaning than I have already given them. To think that a scarf, this article of clothing used for multiple things, could also be source of bonding is fascinating to me. Although we did not use them for warmth around our necks, the aspect of using these scarves as a symbol of unity made me feel as though I was apart of a bigger picture that did not necessarily shout out to everyone I came in contact with. I enjoyed the idea of this secret scarf society that I joined in on as I tied my scarf to my bag and left for the world.

To conclude my new understanding of the symbolism that comes with taking a group of women and giving them scarves that are to travel through out this group, I experienced something new. In this new experience I know I have grown in some way, and I think that is what is important in life. The idea of bringing together our world, especially the world of women is not only an amazing thing this activity did, but also an amazing way that the women’s center here at UD has reached out and made a difference in our community!

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