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Stress is something I believe everyone can relate to. Stress can come in many different forms and from many different situations. Stress is very prominent on college campuses due to many things such as deadlines, stereotypes we are trying to fit into, concepts of relationships and worry. There are many more factors that play into stress, however, these are some of the main conclusions that I have come to as far as main stressors that occur in college. 

The main stressors I experience in college are, getting all my work done, being a good student, what people think about me, getting a lot of random errands done, health and fitness, not messing up and living with people. Now I’m not saying I am always stressing about these things, however, when I am stressed it is most likely because of one of these aspects.   

Now, let me share with you a secret… being aware of what stresses you out and admitting to them will help you to learn how to better handle your stress!

For me, taking the pressure off of a lot of the things I do in life helps me to stress less. My biggest de-stressor is figuring out why I think there is so much pressure put on me and who is putting this pressure on me. Then I come to terms that, for me, the only person I need to be doing my best for is God and myself. I’m not saying I get lazy, but with knowing my best is enough, it takes a lot of the pressure off in order for me to succeed.

Another thing I started doing was meditation through an app called Calm. It’s not easy but I’m learning to turn off life for a few minutes and just breathe, relax, and be ok in the moment.

And lastly what helps me stress less is paying attention to my health and fitness needs. When I eat healthy I feel healthy, when I exercise I feel more determined to get my work done. I also work best and stress less when I sleep more. Also taking time to just be with myself and doing something I like to do such as sit and read or doing homework in coffee shops, taking walks through the park, walking a nature trail, or laying in bed and journaling. It is so important to listen to what our body needs, but we can’t do that unless we get to know ourselves.

My de-stressors are not necessarily going to work for you. So my suggestion as to figuring out how you can stress less is get to know yourself and knowing how best your body works! From there you can better have an understanding of how you can best stress less and find more happiness and peace in everything you do!

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