Waking Up With The Tetons

Waking Up With The Tetons

I love to camp. There is something about camping that brings me so much joy! The feeling of waking up with a little bit of discomfort not in my bed makes me somehow feel alive. For me I like to sleep with an air mattress just because sometimes the hard ground hurts my back, which hurts my head. For those of you who do not know I am recovering from a head injury so protecting my head is my first concern. However, with that being said, I do still camp without an air mattress. But if the air mattress is available, I’d rather use it.  

Here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming there are so many different places one can camp. There are campgrounds with campsites, places you can camp in your motorhome, and a National Forest area that is free to camp in. I camp around in the National Forest area whenever I go camping in Jackson Hole.

The Wedding Tree in Kelly, Wyoming

This past week a friend of mine took me to a place he holds close to his heart, The Wedding Tree. This is located in the National Forest right off the off of Gros Ventre Road, past the Gros Ventre Dude Ranch and before reaching Lower Slide Lake. I’m not writing about this to give any secrets away, I’m writing about this because it was an amazing experience and is not a secret, just a very special place held in so many people’s hearts. This place, if/when you find it, is in the National Forest. However, there is a designated camping area called Gros Ventre Campground that is also available in this area! Also the great part about The Wedding Tree is there are many trees to set up a hammock and plenty of area to make a campfire and roast some hot dogs or make some s'mores.

So if you’re in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, check it out! Ask about it! It’s a great place to fall asleep with the Tetons and wake up with the Tetons and just get away from all the hustle and bustle of life!

Check out my photos at my website - http://alexandriasviewfinder.yolasite.com - under the Wyoming folder labeled “The Wedding Tree” for an idea of the view when you wake up at this spot and some photos from my adventure from this particular camping trip!

10 things that have brought me joy today:

  1. my doggies visiting me from Red Canyon
  2. fresh ground coffee that turned into fresh dripped coffee
  3. my best friend Tricia
  4. enhancing and tweaking photos
  5. the smell of the fresh Jackson Hole air in the morning
  6. socks
  7. the sunflowers I have on my side table put in vases my friend made for me
  8. ability to share my love of travel and adventure with people via technology
  9. knowing I am loved
  10. having enough of my own stuff to fill an entire room and closet 
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