Tukens Apple Farm

Sometimes it’s nice to just get off campus! Even if you don’t have a car there are plenty of upper classmen who have cars and would love to go for an adventure! I am one of those upper classmen! It also helps that the motivation for my adventure was sparked due to my final photography project where I am photographing my grandparent’s old cider mill in upstate New York over Thanksgiving break. My mom sent me old photographs of the cider mill when it was active and I am going to use the idea of old to present in my final critique. I also wanted to add a home away from home aspect so I looked up apple farms around the area and came up with one 30 minutes away that seemed to be the closest match to my grandparents apple farm. The name of the place was called Tukens.

There were a lot of differences between Tukens and my grandparent’s apple farm, however, the one thing that was the same was the smell and the strong sense of fall as I walked towards the farm. I was looking for the memories and that is exactly what I got. Walking around Tukens the memories started to flow and I couldn’t help but feel like I was in upstate NY surrounded by what I used to know. It wasn’t the same, but it was close enough!

Tukens is a great place to go not only for apples but for many other autumn aspects as well. Fruit that is in season is sold here along with gourds, pumpkins, yummy treats such as homemade ice cream and fudge. They have a store that smelled exactly like my grandparents cider mill and that put a smile on my face the whole time I was walking around in it. I highly suggest taking a little trip out in the fall and checking it out, it’s worth your time and a wonderful little get away. Not to mention there are is also a fun little animal farm! So don’t forget that the UD bubble is always fun but venturing out can actually bring you a little bit of home if you let it!

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