UD's women of the wilderness

I have to say that one of my favorite things I’ve ever done for myself here at UD was sign up for the women’s wilderness retreat back in fall of 2014. A little about women’s wilderness before I go into my own personal experience!

The women’s wilderness retreat is set up through UD’s campus ministry. Side note: there is also a men’s wilderness retreat and a co-ed wilderness retreat! All of these types of wilderness retreats offered at UD are a great way to get off campus and into the “wild” of Red River Gorge down in Kentucky. The women’s wilderness retreat consists of two overnight stays and three days of backpacking. The first day we drive down later on in the day and just hike in one mile to the campsite set up camp and do a reflection and get all cozy in our sleeping bags! The next morning we set off for our longest hike (aprox. 7 miles) through the gorge. This day is filled with reflections, talks, laughter, sunshine and fun! We then hike to our campsite set up camp and then relax before we hang out around the campfire. The third day we wake up early to catch the sunrise at a secret spot that only those who have gone on the trip and hiked there before know about! We then hike out to the buses after that and head over for some amazing pizza at Miguels! Then back on the road to UD it is.

Now that’s just the itinerary, the experience is a whole another story!

When I first went on the wilderness retreat I knew I wanted to do it the next year! Little did I know that I would have a burning passion to also help lead the retreat. With this year the retreat falling in the spring of 2016 I was able to come to the realization that I did want to lead this retreat, as I felt I was ready. I don’t want to give away too much but with leading the retreat I helped three other women plan everything and I got to lead a morning meditation and prayer before our big hike and share some of my story and lead these beautiful women through some reflections!

This experience was absolutely amazing! Not only did I grow, but I was allowed the privilege to watch those around me grow as well. For me I grew in my faith, in my understanding of who I am and in getting to know those with whom I went on the retreat with! It is truly an amazing experience! Also, it is good to know that it this retreat is not for anyone of a specific religion, it is for anyone and everyone (as long as you are a women for the women’s retreat).

You can check out this retreat and others at:


Go ahead, check it out, take a break and hit the restart button! 

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