Am I a Sports Writer?

By Alexandria Graig-Tiso

My teacher for CMM 334 - Sports Writing - asked me if I was a sports writer. I didn't have to think about this very long because I am not a sports writer but I am a lover of sports and a writer. I came to this conclusion because I believe that in order to be able to call oneself a sports writer you must be able to love sports, be a writer, and know how to go about putting that together. As of right now, I am unable to do 1 out of the 3 things I personally believe constitutes a sports writer.

My teacher went on to ask other questions such as, are you a sports fan? What does being a sports fan mean to you? How has social media changed the way you follow sports? And how has your experience as an athlete shaped you as someone interested in sports writing? I found that after thinking about these questions I was able to understand from an athlete's point of view and reflect upon that. After reflecting I wrote the following responses to the questions from class:

As a sports fan I am able to understand the majority of how every sport broadcasted through media - whether that be newspaper, online, television etc. -  and with this underlying base knowledge I am able to present to you what being a sports fan means to me. Being a sports fan means enjoyment and balance. When I tell people I am a fan of sports I make sure they know what sports I am a fan of, which ones I follow and my level of dedication. I am an average sports fan. I love sports, most all sports, but I am not an intense sports fan. I do not consistently follow any team no matter what league they are in, however, I do participate as a fan in sports events such as following March Madness, especially when there are chips and salsa involved! There are many different types of sports fans and I believe we need all different levels of dedication in order to balance each other out. I won't be jumping up and down when the team I was rooting for wins; however, I will be smiling and laughing with the people who are and getting out the ice-cream and grabbing two spoons for the people whose team lost.

If I ever search out a sports story it is either soccer or baseball. I rarely search out a sports story,as they are either sent to me by a family or friend or I see them when I read my daily news stories. I have my favorite teams and my reasons for my favorite teams, but I go for the atmosphere of watching a game rather than the desired outcome.

Social media has increased my interest and knowledge of sports over the past few years. I like the quick and ease of details of a game that I no longer have to read a whole article to know. The quick and easy-to-read articles that are more 'bullet point' than paragraph form have helped me to be more consistent with my updates on sports in general, not just the ones I'm interested in. I am grateful for these prompt explanations that social media allows for and that they give the opportunity for further viewing of an article if I feel the desire to read more about it (which has happened more often than not just from viewing minor details).

Moreover, I do not consider myself a sports writer and this is why I want to take this class because I would like to learn how to be one. With that being said I do consider myself an athlete and a sports fan. I have been an athlete my whole life. Up until three years ago soccer was my all-time sport that consumed every part of my day, physically and mentally. Having been consumed by sports and having the knowledge of an athlete I am better equipped to have a relationship with them in a sense of understanding what they are doing and why. This makes my relationship with sports more meaningful and is the reason I consider myself a sports fan. I think sports are all about understanding the different types of relationships that come with them whether they be with fellow teammates or people watching from a tv screen. This is why I wanted to take this class to better my relationships with sports on all different levels.

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