Bravo Bravo Bravo

One of the things that makes me happy in life is coffee. It is the first thing I look for when I’m in an unknown place. I know I have so many reasons to wake up for, however, coffee is what starts my day and is the point in my day that keeps me going. Coffee with breakfast and coffee with lunch, that’s how I work.

I love the taste, the smell and the feel of hot coffee. When I say feel I mean the feeling of wrapping my hands around a mug of warmth even if it’s summer, and the feeling that happens when the coffee goes down my throat. 

In Greece my love for coffee is also shared. As our tour guide put it, “Greeks love coffee, you’ll always be able to find a coffee shop in Greece.” Well wasn’t that a wonderful surprise. I honestly did not know what to expect as far as coffee in Greece; expectations exceeded!

The second day of course I had already tried a few different coffee shops, however, now I wanted to know where I could buy coffee and what was the “best” coffee to buy according to Greek locals. After discussing coffee for a good half an hour with our day 2 tour guide, I was directed to a local grocery market where he said Bravo ground coffee was the way to go! So I bought myself a French press and set out on my journey to get some Greek coffee that I could take home and some Greek coffee I could make every morning. This plan then led to my desire to get coffee from each port we explored in.

So of course you understand my plan now! Learning about the different coffee’s in each country I am visiting and bringing back to the ship with me what the locals suggest is best.

On another note what I found with Greek coffee that was different than any coffee I had ever tasted was that when I drank authentic Greek coffee not only did it come with a snack and very fine grinds that were integrated into the coffee, but also conversation. Coffee for Greeks is conversational, it’s a way in which Greeks get together to enjoy their life with one another. “One cup of coffee, a few cigarettes and enjoying someone else’s company is breakfast” said my day 1 tour guide.

One local café owner told me that Greeks are also very much about iced coffee. “It’s a big deal to have ice in one’s coffee here in Greece” the older gentleman explained to me.

Overall I am sitting on the ship enjoying the sunshine sipping on my last cup of homemade brewed Greek coffee. After writing this blog post, the plan is to go out and find some Italian coffee and espresso to bring back! So much to look forward to, so much culture to experience. 

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