Christmas Break!

Glory to God on the highest and peace to His people of good will! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope there was much peace, love and joy spread through out your Christmas shopping, party planning and family bonding.

As for my Christmas I flew home to Jackson Hole Wyoming and spent Christmas Eve day shopping around the Town Square with the famous antler arches and coffee with my mother at the Wort Hotel. When I got home I then got ready for the annual activities that followed Christmas Eve evening; getting ready to Christmas music, crackers, cheese and wine while opening presents and then off to Local – a restaurant we always go to for dessert and coffee before midnight mass! After having a wonderful nights sleep I then got up and woke my brother up to go open our stockings! My mother has always left us a movie to watch while we wait for her and my father, however this Christmas everyone was up at the same time! So for the first Christmas ever we all watched the movie and opened our stockings at the same time! My dad, brother and I then went skiing for the rest of the day and ended with a yummy dinner made by my mother!

I have to say my favorite present we got this Christmas was our new puppy Finn! (photo of him at the bottom). He is quite the nipper, but too cute not to forgive when he has your whole foot in his mouth.

As far as the rest of my break I start ski instructing tomorrow! I am very excited to get back into the swing of things on the mountain. This year I am only doing private lessons so that will be fun. I enjoy the private lessons because I have more time to get to know the clients and work more on what they need better practice on in order to become better skiers!

Skiing is my passion! I have always skied ever since I could walk. I grew up skiing at Killington in Vermont. My family moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming in 2011 and I have been skiing here ever since! I began ski instructing when I was 16 and also got my PSIA (professional ski instructors of America) level 1 the year I started instructing! Two years ago I also got my CS1 (children’s specialist level one), this certification helps me to better understand how to teach children to ski! I hope to always keep ski instructing in my life because I absolutely love it.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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