Want to increase your self-satisfaction? Have better quality items? Save the planet? And participate less in consumerism? DIY

By Alexandria Graig-Tiso

Want to increase your self-satisfaction? Have better quality items? Save the planet? And participate less in consumerism? DIY

As I have become more and more self-reliant as far as my spendings go, I have learned that everything in life costs. I don’t mean this cost in just money, but in time as well. That’s why it is not only important to spend your money well but also spend your time well.

College doesn’t leave me a lot of time or money, so prioritizing is key. Making and spending my own money has given me the idea of making more and more things at home.

This idea started when I was younger and my mom would make a lot of what we ate and had at home. My stay-at-home mom was not only my inspiration but also my teacher. However, as a pre-teen and teenager I was stubborn which led to a lot of complaining when I had to help make BBQ sauce, stir the soap and water when making laundry detergent and pout all the way to the garden we had in town to go pick tomatoes; and despite the whining and pouting I ended up with memories now that were taught back then with out me even realizing.

College has forced me to learn how to cook. At first I dreaded having to try and make myself food, and now three years later I finally not only can make my own food, but also enjoy doing so.

Now for those of you out there who are interested in doing more yourself, having better quality items, saving the planet and shopping less let me tell you what I’ve been up to in the kitchen!

Just this semester I have begun saving my used coffee grounds in a container and making coffee face masks and coffee body scrubs. So far so good!

I am also gluten free, which does not leave me very many isles to shop in in the grocery story, so I have been experimenting at home in order to still eat the treats and foods I enjoy but with less cost as far as money, not time!

This morning I made my first batch of gluten free biscottis! Right now they are cooling and then I am going to melt some dark chocolate chips and drizzle them on a few to see if I prefer them plain or with a little bit of chocolate!

You might be asking doesn’t this take way more time? I don’t have the time for this!

Well my friends, it is all about prioritizing! Yes it is more time, but I not only save myself some money, but I also come out with joy and pride in what I have made and that is worth setting aside time to do something like this.

An example of saving time while using time is when I made the biscottis this morning, I did all the dishes while they were in the oven and while I wait for the biscottis to cool before I drizzle the chocolate I am writing this blog!

By prioritizing time to make your own things, whether that is via Pinterest, Google, searching for blogs or your family’s home made recipe, you can find an endless amount of recipes and ideas. And the best part is every time you go to use your body scrub or wake up with that cup of coffee and dunk a biscotti in it, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are the one who made these things! It not only gives you joy and pride in your work, but also helps you to slow down a bit in this crazy fast life we live in each day.

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