Discovering UD through a journey

I am a transfer student from our sister school in Hawaii. I never thought I would transfer, I expected I would start college and finish where I began. Here is my story as a transfer student and how I learned that UD was the school for me!

            I took a gap year between graduating high school in 2012 and starting college in fall of 2013. During this time I ski instructed in Jackson Hole Wyoming and then moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to snorkel instruct. As my gap year came to an end it was time to find a college. I wanted to stay in Hawaii and attend a Catholic college, so after a lot of research I found Chaminade. I applied and got in. My dream was always to play college soccer so I decided to try out for the Women’s Soccer team. Three weeks later, I was on a plane to Oahu for tryouts. After making the team, I began my journey as a soccer player for CUH – Chaminade University of Honolulu – and as a freshman in college!

            While at Chaminade I learned about UD through some friends that were taking the semester in Hawaii program. This program is offered by UD for students to spend a semester in Hawaii. The nice thing about sister schools is that transferring between schools is smooth! As I looked further into UD I found that it had more of what I wanted in a college and more opportunity for my degree. After undergoing an injury due to soccer, I decided to pursue another passion of mine – photography.

            Transferring to the University of Dayton has been one of the best decisions I have made! I find here that there are many activities that fit my likes and interests. I am a Communications Management major with a minor in photography, joined the rock climbing club, joined CHAARG (changing health, attitudes, +actions to recreate girls), became a part of the ski club, and I am now a Kappa Delta sorority sister! I found UD had everything I wanted and needed.

            Taking the big step and transferring to UD was exciting and intimidating, however, once I got here I was welcomed with open arms. This warmth I experienced as I started to settle in at my new school was the feeling of being a part of this amazing community filled with people pursuing the same goals as me. I have come to realize that the word, “community” can sum up an entire campus and its values. Community is the perfect word for what UD is and how the students and staff promote what we all stand for. Because of all the opportunities I have found at the University of Dayton I have grown, I have expanded my world, and I have learned a lot about who I am and who I want to strive to be; thanks to UD

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