Getting To Know A Fellow Flyer

By Alexandria Graig-Tiso

Learning about the people that we sit in class with day to day is always refreshing. As I sat in my feature writing class, I listened as everyone gave us a little bit about himself or herself. It started with their name and ended with what they wanted to get out of the class. After introductions we went into getting to know a little bit more about one another. I turned to Beth Krauza as she turned to me and with out saying anything we mutually agreed on being partners.

For this interview, the goal was to look deeper into someone else’s life and ask them any question that got you past the "hi, my name is, I’m from____," etc. So I asked Beth, what helps you get up and out of bed in the morning? So let me tell you why Beth gets out of bed in the morning!

Beth does not like to miss classes. This motivation to go to all her classes and not miss any stems from her parents pushing her to always be the best student she can be. It also helped that Beth and her brother grew up competing in many ways. Beth’s brother motivated her to do her best specifically in school because she always felt a step behind, so her competitive spirit helped her to persevere in order to excel in school.

Beth’s parents are very driven and hard working role models. With them as examples of perseverance and motivation, Beth finds herself solely looking to make them proud. With making her parents proud came the motivation to go to college from the beginning of her intelligent high school career. After listening to Beth talk about going to college and how important it was to her I asked her if she ever even considered not going to college and taking a different route, she replied with saying “it was never an option to not go to college.” Beth even knew which college she wanted to go to – that being the University of Dayton.

When Beth was in sixth grade her mom's friend mentioned the University of Dayton and Beth and her mom made a trip. Through this trip Beth fell in love with UD from an early age. After a few years she took another college trip and knew this was the place she wanted to be. One of the ways in which it was evident to me that Beth was in love with UD was when she explained to me how she came back one week early this semester and enjoyed her time walking around the beautiful campus.

With the opportunity to work hard and make her parents proud during her time at college, Beth also had the privilege of studying abroad in Ireland. This experience has helped her shape who she is and understand the world and what she wants out of this life, which is to be a wedding planner.

Through the question of what helps Beth get out of bed in the morning and get excited for her day, I was able to connect on a deeper level with someone whom I share the same campus with for eight months out of the year. With Beth’s motivation and determination to do her best in school, I found that I too look to make my parents proud and was inspired to keep pushing towards my academic goals. As we begin our spring two thousand and seventeen semester, it is important to connect with one another in order to learn not only more about who makes up our campus, but how we can learn and grow from our fellow flyers. 

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