Go Dayton Flyers

Here at the University of Dayton basketball is an exciting and huge sport, not just for our basketball athletes but for the fans as well. The University of Dayton’s – UD’s – basketball team is referred to as “The Flyers.” Not only is our basketball an exciting event to attend but they are also very good as far as their performance and accomplishments.

Just in case you haven’t heard of the Flyers before let me tell you a little bit about them! The basketball team here is D1 and apart of the Conference-Atlantic 10. UD’s record is 25-7. Right now the Flyers are in the NCAA Tournament and doing very well for themselves!

Earlier on March 5th the Flyers beat VCU on the last game of the regular season and won 68-67 in OT.  The Flyers will be playing Syracuse University on Friday 3/18 at 12:15. They're the 7 seed and Syracuse is the 10 seed. This is a rematch from the 2014 tournament game that sent the Flyers to the Sweet 16. We won 55-53.

Dayton basketball is a long standing tradition and UD is a basketball town! UD’s fans and students are the Flyers' biggest supporters. The stands are never empty and when there’s a game, almost every TV is on and cheering is heard throughout campus. When we win a game, there’s always a celebration! Even when we don’t win the fans are still always there for support, knowing that the UD Flyers can take a fall and still have hope for the next game!

In my opinion I have to say that the UD students are some of the best supporters and fans I have ever met and basketball is one of the sports that everyone gets excited for even if they don’t know what’s going on! That is where I come in, I’m not always sure what is going on but I can cheer and celebrate so I know I can fit in somewhere when it comes to being a good fan!

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