Half way through my six week summer class

I cannot believe I am half way through my Biology summer class already! This week is week three out of six and I’m already pre-paring for my third test that I will take this weekend. After I am done with this test I will then only have three more left and then my summer Biology course will be done.

I am taking a second summer course – English 331 - at the same time as my Biology one, however, the difference is my Biology class is six weeks and my English class is twelve weeks. It was a pleasant surprise when our teacher e-mailed us and gave us the option of finishing in six or twelve weeks. I chose the twelve week program because I am taking a Sociology course after my Biology course ends and I felt that instead of burning out in the beginning of the summer with Biology and English being just as competitive, I might as well go slow on English and have Biology for six weeks be intense and then Sociology for six weeks be intense.

To be honest I was not sure what to expect when I was told I was going to have to take summer classes in order to graduate in spring of 2018. I tried not to have too many expectations, but of course we all know that is very difficult to eliminate when you’ve heard stories or just think about taking classes outside of the normal school year time.

This is what I have come up with as far as the expectations I’ve had and the reality I’ve experienced so far:

Expectation: it won’t consume my summer = reality: it’s a lot more work then I thought it was going to be but it’s not necessarily consuming my summer.

Expectation: I can use the book and notes for my tests = reality: yes I can and we even get study papers that are there to help us on our tests, however, it’s a limited amount of time for a certain amount of questions so even though the information is in front of me, I still need to know my stuff so I’m not spending my time searching.

Expectation: these classes are going to drag by = reality: they are flying by!

Expectation: my teachers aren’t going to be as involved as they would be when I’m physically in class at school = reality: I get e-mails from my teachers with clarifying facts, they are both always there to answer questions and reply in a very prompt timing and they have both made sure that I (and I’m sure every other student) am doing alright each week.

Those were my top expectations that I had stuck in the back of my head. Summer classes do take time out of my summer, but I decided to not get a summer job and just keep my blogging job (the one that allows me to write to you on Mylife). It’s been difficult as I love working, but it’s been a rewarding challenge as I don’t have to stress myself with having a job and summer classes at the same time and can still enjoy summer the way I would if I was only working. It was a flip flop that was difficult for me to do, but in the end a great decision!

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