Hire A Flyer

If you are worried about getting a job in college or want to get a job in college, UD has a great system that can help you with that. Here at UD we have something called Hire a Flyer, with this it is easy to log on and look up different types of desired jobs.

This is also a great way to work your way into working if you have no work experience. With the many different entry-level jobs at the University of Dayton there is bound to be something for you no matter your level of employment or experience.

There are many benefits to working on campus. For one an on campus job through UD works around your class schedule. A second benefit is you get to work with fellow flyers and faculty on campus.  A third benefit is there is not a long commute if you live on or near campus. By working on campus there is a lot of flexibility.

In order to prepare yourself for not only college but also getting a job on campus I recommend preparing a resume early and having someone help you edit it. With the resume you put together make sure that you are still editing it to work with the job you are applying for.

I personally work for this blog you are reading right now called Mylife blogging for perspective students like you! My job is to write about my life experiences as a college student at UD. My other on campus job is catering. It is a fun job because I never sit around. The team I’m apart of is always helping each other as we set up events, cater events and take down events. The time flies by and I’m not only making money but also having fun!

I highly recommend looking into an on campus job when you come to UD! It’s something to be apart of on campus and that is something to be proud of!

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