How Boston Made Me Appreciate UD

Boston was a place that I grew up going to with my family every summer and is still a place I make sure to visit every year.

This summer I decided to take an impromptu trip up to visit my best friend who is going to grad school in Boston. It’s been such an awesome experience seeing Boston through her eyes and being taken to places I never knew existed even in my 23 years of going there!

Some of the fun things I did on my visit with her were yoga alongside the Charles River, buying books at Barnes and Nobles during a thunderstorm, breakfast at Friendly Toast, walks along the Charles and of course so much laughing, talking and remembering!

When I was growing up I told everyone I was going to go to college in Boston. I dreamed of going to either Boston University or Boston College. Even though my journey led me to The University of Dayton, I have no regrets not ending up in Boston for school.

It makes me think of how we really never know where our lives will take us and, although having a plan is great and gives us motivation and direction, it is also very important to be open to change.

I look at Boston as a place I grew up; I also see The University of Dayton as a place I have grown up in. These have two very different meanings: one as more of a physical growing up done over time and the other a mental growing up in a shorter amount of time.

Although I ended up going to college at a place I never would have imagined, I do believe it is what was meant to be. Going to the University of Dayton allows me to still have Boston as a place I see as part of my childhood and coming of age, and The University of Dayton as the place I was challenged intellectually. Little did I know that having this distinction between my childhood love and my college experience would be exactly what I needed!

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