Just in time to say goodbye

5 finals, 7+ hours of packing, too many goodbyes and 1491.1 miles later I am back in Wyoming with my family and our dogs. It’s so great to be home but, as I continue to finish editing the graduation photos I took for my roommates, I can’t help but analyze the change that happened as my roommate and I pulled off our street at UD and onto the highway home.

The change that I am talking about is graduation. With graduation comes the aspect of goodbye. Now the graduation goodbye that I am talking about, otherwise known as the I am so proud of you, but please don’t leave me because I’m selfish and really don’t want to have to finish college without you goodbye, is something all students at one point or another will experience.

For me, this is really the first year it’s been very difficult saying goodbye to people graduating. One reason being two of my roommates just graduated. Now I’ve lived with the same roommate since the first day of college, so living in a house with two other people was different and took some serious adjusting. However, we finally solidified our living togetherness second semester - just in time to say goodbye.

Now here’s the beauty in these types of goodbyes. It’s not forever. Not only am I excited to see where my two roommates, and now best friends, go with their lives, but I also get to learn from their experiences and allow for them to become not only friends but mentors. There is so much room for growth in our relationships and they always have a place to stay when they come back and visit!

So yes graduation is bitter sweet, but most everything in life really is. I am going to miss my roommates a lot and all of the other friends I’ve made that are graduating, but we aren’t going to be in college forever. This is a chapter in my life, and without college and without living with them I wouldn’t have gotten two best friends that I know I’ll have long past college. So yes it’s sad thinking about them not being there next year when I get back to UD, but one day I’m not going to be back at UD. I guess this is the junior in me talking thinking about how next year I’ll be a senior. It doesn’t last forever, but that’s why we must cherish every moment of college.

I’ve decided to take this moment and be grateful for the process of school. Every test that I study hard for gets me one day closer to a career. Every hour I put into my homework now is one more hour I get to hang out with my friends later. Every minute I don’t waste complaining or worrying about the future is one more minute of happiness.

So let’s look at graduation, summer vacation, study abroad and all the moments where we must say goodbye and say goodbye knowing it’s not the end; it’s just the beginning of another adventure and chapter in our lives!

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