From East To West, Kappa Delta?s Are The Best!

I am a Kappa Delta! Kappa Delta, KD, is a sorority here on UD’s campus that is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that inspire women to greatness (http://www.kappadelta.org). Here is the national website if you would like to check us out! There is so much to share, however, I am going to share with you one of my personal experiences with KD and one of the reasons why I joined.

Confidence. I have learned as I continue to fight battles and have successes that my confidence waffles. I know for me personally I am least confident when I am undergoing a battle, as I call the tough times in my life. This is one of the main reasons I joined Kappa Delta. KD stands for confidence; we promote confidence and help each other to be confident no matter what. I knew when I first went through recruitment that I was looking for some strong women standing behind me helping me to be a more confident and, in return, I am honored to be helping others as well. It’s one thing to hear what an organization stands for, but to actually experience it is an amazing experience. Our chapter strives for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. This is what I want to be and makes me proud to call myself a KD.

Being a KD comes with lots of fun events as well such as socials, our philanthropy, chapter meetings, awesome t-shirts, big/little and so much more! We have had some really fun social themed events such as, girls in pearls and guys in ties, Mardi Gras and jungle themed. We also hosted our big philanthropy event, which was called Shamrock, this event we were blessed with amazing weather and had a bunch of teams sign up and play tug of war for a winner. The donations went to the CARE House of Dayton and Prevent Child Abuse America. I’m going to my first social this evening and I am super excited to dance the night away with my date and my sisters! Not only have I made some really good friends already in Kappa Delta, but I have also been brought into a family circle that is unique and extremely special! I have never experienced anything like KD! Make sure when you come to Dayton you come with an open heart and an open mind because you never know where you might find yourself and what may find you!

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