I See The World Differently Through A Lens

We all need that one thing that gets us through when we feel burnt out. For me it is photography! I love photographing and, this semester, I am taking a really amazing class: Digital Processes I.  I love this class and have an awesome teacher, Professor James Luckett. I have not only learned so much about Photoshop and printing, but also how to think outside of the box in terms of photographing different assignments.

We have shot for 5 assignments: light and the sublime, cuteness, interestingness, zaniness and technologic – which is our final portfolio assignment. Professor James’ assignments made me see in a different way, which helped me to make photographs I am very proud of!

For me, photography is taking myself out of where I am and entering into another world where it is just the camera and I. I love to be able to see life differently through the lens. This gives me peace.  It’s a sensation you will recognize when you are doing what you love. Photography offers me a way to find peace between the stresses of studying and homework and exams. I have even started my own website to share my photographs with the world and be able to put my passion towards something. Feel free to check it out at, http://alexandriasviewfinder.yolasite.com :)

So go out and do something you love! School is almost out; we are all studying for exams and stressing over our to-do lists. Get out there and let your mind rest for even just half an hour, let it have the peace that doing what you love comes with. For me, it’s photographing! What is it for you? And if you do not know start keeping a journal and write down an event that made you happy or something that brought you joy everyday and you will start to see what gives you peace and happiness.

Peace is so important to find everyday and allowing ourselves to delve deep into what reboots us, especially with finals right around the corner, is essential! So get out there and find your joy and let yourself absorb the peace you deserve and, who knows, it might just help you to see a little more clearly through this stressful time as we head into the final lap of the semester!
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