Impromptu Trip To Newport Rhode Island With My Mother!

This past week my mom and I took a trip from Upstate NY to Newport RI. We enjoy road trips and this short getaway was exactly what we needed! 

We stayed in a bed and breakfast in the center of town. My family and I love staying in bed and breakfasts when we travel are not staying with friends or on our boat. The nice warmth of a room that has character representing the history of the house or the taste of the owner is something I look forward to when I travel. It’s as if you are staying in a home away from home. Our eighteenth century bed and breakfast had the nautical feel traditional to Newport Rhode Island. Our room was decorated with a lighthouse theme! 

The next day, we headed out early to explore the town and harbor. I have been to Newport before, however, every time I go, I have a different experience! As we walked around I noticed all the other people exploring. Newport is a popular summer destination; so, if you are looking for a place that a lot of people and tourist opportunities, Newport is the place for you!

A few places that I believe are worth checking out in Newport RI are the historic mansions, the Tennis Hall of Fame, Castle Hill Inn, The Cliff Walk, and the beach. 

I must say though, be prepared to spend some time finding parking!

My favorite part of our adventure would be enjoying the ocean breeze, sunshine and delightful landscape of The Chanler, which is right at the Cliff Walk! The Chanler is known for it’s timeless elegance and is said to be Newport’s mansion hotel by the sea! It was relaxing to enjoy the ocean scene and smell the flowers while lunching. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy dinner or a drink out on the patio! Definitely a place to stay!

Newport RI is a great place to visit with history, beautiful views and plenty of attractions and, if you enjoy sailing, this is the community for you!

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