Leaving The Wild Wild West For The UD Bubble

The worst part of break for me is coming to the realization that I have to get all my laundry done because I have to start packing. Three days left! Hold on, I am so not ready for classes. Or am I? With no choice but to head back to school and knock out the spring semester I keep telling myself, live in the moment. Might as well get everything I can out of the next three days before I start the school routine again. So that is exactly what I have been doing.

I went back to our house in Red Canyon Wyoming from our place in Jackson Hole to work on some things I wanted to work on and spend time hiking. With scholarship essays for my semester at sea next fall to do, three dogs to entertain, a brother to hike with, and the quietness of being in a canyon surrounded by mountains, it is the perfect place to not only get some stuff done but also relax and meditate.

Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop in town waiting for my dentist appointment, going over my calendar for next semester, making sure I have gotten everything done, and writing this blog.

I love coffee shops; the smell of coffee and the warmth from the oven brings so much joy to my heart. I find them to have such peaceful settings where I thrive in my writing. I also find that this is the same for me when I am at school. Whether it’s Saxby’s or Starbucks, the idea of being surrounded by people and coffee is the most comforting feeling. And the idea of being surrounded by people, doing many different things, yet all of us have our section of the coffee shop that we claim at that time is delicious! I thrive off of the idea of being surrounded by all these different people in different situations yet having the respect to let me do my own thing as I respect them and their space to do their own thing as well. It always brings me back to the movie, A Cinderella Story, when Chad Michael Murray says: “I live in a world full of people pretending to be something they’re not…” I don’t know why I am always brought back to that quote, but I am.

As I mentally prepare myself for school, I also am preparing myself for the time change. Coming to the realization that all my classes start at 9AM everyday, I have been slowly waking up earlier and earlier. It helped that I got up at 7AM every morning for ski instructing. However, when I get back to school I will be two hours ahead of Wyoming time, which means, 7AM is 9AM. With this realization that my 7AM wake up for class is going to be a 5AM wake up in Wyoming I have slowly started getting up half an hour before each morning. Right now I am at 6:45AM which is 8:45AM in Dayton. Tomorrow morning I’m shooting for 6:30AM and each morning I will try and cut off some time until I am at 5AM Wyoming time and 7AM Ohio time! Reality check… school is right around the corner!

I hope everyone has enjoyed break as much as I have and y’all are getting ready to hop back on the school wagon. I’m not saying you’ll be ready, but it’s always good to start preparing - it’s back to classes we all go!

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