My college roommate of four years

The sister school in Hawaii – Chaminade University of Honolulu - is a lot smaller than The University of Dayton. Chaminade’s undergraduate enrollment is 1,226 students, where The University of Dayton’s undergraduate enrollment is 8,665 students.

Out of the approximately 1,226 students, during my freshman year at Chaminade University, I somehow was able to meet my perfect roommate, Izzie. We were in placed in the dorm suits named Pohaku. She was direct roommates with a girl named Zoe and I was in the other room in the suit with a different girl who lived on the island so she wasn’t there much of the time.

After finishing our first year of college, Izzie, Zoe and I all decided to transfer from Chaminade. Zoe ended up going to Arizona State University (ASU) and Izzie and I decided to go to the sister school, UD, and room together. Little did we know we would be roommates all four years of college, but this is how our journey began.

Our first year at UD we lived up on a street called Irving in an apartment building called 819 Irving. We lived in a one bedroom, two-person apartment. It was about a 10-15 minute walk from campus and right off of the bike trail that goes off the road, which I loved to run. This is where we met so many of our main friends at UD.

Izzie and I’s second year we did really well in the housing lottery that had gone from a lottery to path points. We teamed up with another friend we made named Anna and all three of us went to almost every path point event we could. You see you want to go to path point events because the more path points you earn (one per event) the better housing you will get. After doing this all of second semester of sophomore year we sat down and talked about where we wanted to live for the 2015-2016 school year.

We of course wanted to have four people in our house so Anna’s friend Cassidy was looking for some roommates and joined us. Anna, Cassidy, Izzie and I ended up on 447 Kiefaber right by the recreational center and it was perfect. Izzie and had to adjust to not just living with ourselves or just us and Zoe, and living in a house, but that wasn’t so bad since we did have our own room to retreat to if we needed it. The best part about 447 was as the time flew by our friendship as four women in a house grew and by the time it was time for Anna and Cassidy to graduate and Izzie and I to find somewhere to live for senior year we were all the best of friends!

Our living arrangement for senior year ended up being perfect. I applied and got accepted to go on Semester at Sea for the fall semester and Izzie and I were afraid of what to do about studying abroad and roommates and finding someone to switch with me for spring, but my friend Nicole said she was going to be living in a fellow house and they were looking for two more people. With this we didn’t have to worry about what to do because Izzie could have the room all to herself until I got there spring semester.

Four years with the same person and I never once wanted anyone else to be my roommate. Everyone’s story is different when it comes to what year and how long they stay with a particular roommate. But this is mine. I’m sad she graduated and I have to go on my fifth year with out Izzie, but life is life and that’s all there is to say about it. It’s all about looking back at how blessed we were with the time we had and knowing there’s so many great things in store for the future. 

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