Saturday September 16, 2017

Online Editor-in-Chief for Flyer News

By Alexandria Graig-Tiso

“My name is Roberto De space La space Rosa,” Roberto begun to say as I asked him what his full name was. After asking him that question I jumped right into my next one without even looking up, so what are you normally called? Roberto, sighed, “well the rest of my last name is hyphen Finch.” My mind stopped, I hadn’t even let him finish saying his full name? What kind of reporter am I?


Roberto is the online editor for the Flyer News here at the University of Dayton.


Starting as a chemistry major, Roberto realized he wanted to work in journalism when he just couldn’t take his organic chemistry class anymore and yearned to write. Roberto’s had a love for writing since he was eight and realized he needed to put this love into action. Roberto now takes this writing passion and writes to report stories that allow UD’s campus to be seen heard and understood by all.


Along with other fellow students, Flyer News is a student-run newspaper here at the University of Dayton. “It works to have a dialogue with the campus community and offers a forum for opinion,” states on the about us part of the Flyer News online addition.


To check out more on Flyer News check out the online website:


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