Our Impressive Campus Health Center

By Alexandria Graig-Tiso

I am prone to getting sick with weather changes. I do as much as I can to prevent it like taking my vitamin C, getting a good amount of sleep, drinking a lot of water, and exercising. Pneumonia is something I get at least once a year – hopefully this year is the year I break that streak – and I always seem to end up with something else that sends me walking across campus to the campus health center.

The campus health center is an amazing place. However, that doesn’t mean I think you should have to be visiting it, but for a health center on a college campus I have to say I always leave impressed and satisfied.

I have had so many random occurrences that have sent me to the health center like bronchitis, pneumonia, bumping my head and getting a very large lump that didn’t go away, spraining my finger, the flu, a cold, breaking my toe, and for head colds. Every time I go, not only are the nurses checking me in friendly and welcoming, but my experiences with the doctors have also made me feel like I am cared for and being taken care of the best they can.

In a few instances I have had to be referred to other doctors in the area. The doctors worked with the receptionist and the receptionist helped me make the appointment and get all my information to the doctor’s office so that I did not have any trouble and just had to show up for my appointment. They even asked if I needed a ride to the doctor’s office off campus.

I am not saying I go to the campus health center for fun and as a place to hang out; however, in the times I have needed health assistance they have never failed to make me feel welcome and helped me to get better!

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