Post Travel Blues

After constantly traveling for four months straight, it’s been a challenge to integrate back into one place for three months. I feel a bit stuck between my amazing memories and being back with people I love and enjoying their company. As I sit here remembering how it was to be traveling somewhere for months at a time, I am reminded that my mind needs to pay attention so I don't miss each moment in a new place. I remember what my mother taught me growing up - "if you do not learn to be happy where you are, you will never know how to be truly happy." So, with this in mind, I have come up with 5 ways that have been getting me past the post travel struggle, especially for those of you who traveled and loved it, and then have to go back to college to finish (like me). 

1. Plan out mock travels or real ones for the future. 
There's nothing wrong with just writing down different travel ideas even if you don't think they'll happen anytime soon. But in writing some down you'll allow your mind to wander off and give you hope. Be an armchair traveler.

2. Quotes on quotes on quotes.
Read and reread inspiring quotes. Language is powerful so let it empower you! 

3. Follow travel blogs.
Find some inspiring travel blogs to follow and live vicariously through them gathering ideas and inspiration. This will help you to feel like you are able to still be connected to travel in some way even though you are not physically there. The importance of keeping your mind ready for adventure is key to getting through post travel blues. 

4. Tell your stories.
Don't be afraid of people getting tired of your stories. They might but there are other ways for your stories to come alive and stay alive. Write them down, start a blog even if it's for yourself (like this blog is for me and whoever wants to read it -  like you!), find someone you can email, or call to talk about a story with. For me it's my mother. Whenever I have something I remember, I either text her, email her or call her and tell her all about it. Sometimes my mother is available and sometimes she's not, but at least I know there is someone who wants to listen and I don't feel like I am having to hold all of my stories in. 

5. Meditate.
Practice being alone with your thoughts. Sometimes we get so sad after traveling because we are not being overwhelmed with new places and people. Settle your mind and remember what you are passionate about, focus on your goals and find your inner peace. This will help you to come up with new ideas to get you through the post-travel blues and hang out with yourself. It's important to spend time with yourself in pure silence, then you can truly listen to what you need and want and make a plan from there! 

Don't give yourself have the option of not liking where you are at after traveling because you're not traveling. Travel is supposed to help us to grow and then, after the adventure is over, we need to learn how to let our experiences inspire us to become even better than the person we were the day before. 

Remember the positives from your travels, reflect on how travel helped you grow and apply it to where you are now. Use future travel plans to give you hope, quotes to give you inspiration, travel blogs to let your mind wander, storytelling to keep your post travel stories alive, and meditation to bring you back to where you are now! 
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