Shout Out To The 307

I thought I’d talk a little bit about the place I call home when I’m not at school. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I moved to Jackson Hole in 2011 from upstate New York. I went to JHHS (Jackson Hole High School) for three months and then went to a boarding school specializing in an equine program on a ranch. I just have to say it was quite the culture shock, but I have never been able to thank my parents enough for the change of scenery.

As for Jackson, we moved there for the skiing, however the longer I have lived there the more I have found to do and the more I have fallen in love. I’d have to say my favorite things about this place I now consider home are, hiking, the scenery, the people, skiing of course, rock climbing, the coffee shops, fantastic food places and random little quirks that sets this modernized western town apart from the rest of the wild wild west.

One of the things Jackson Hole is known for is their 4 antler arches in town square. All of the antlers that make up the arches are from the elk refuge. The antlers were picked up off the ground so there was nothing done to the animal to get their antlers. Jackson is also known for it’s amazing ski resort, where many a powder day has stolen my heart. A third aspect of Jackson Hole is the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. These two National Parks make me stand still whenever I go and visit them. The natural beauty is amazing and definitely helps me to come to a certain kind of peace as I stand in the vastness of all the natural beauty both places offers.

This winter break I spent the first week in Red Canyon, Wyoming which is three and a half hours from Jackson Hole. It is right out side of Lander Wyoming. I then ventured to Jackson Hole where I ski instructed at the JHMR (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort).  When I wasn’t ski instructing I was most likely found at Elevated Grounds, a coffee shop in the Aspen Pines. I love Elevated Grounds, it’s hip and only a bus ride away from the mountain. There, I could work on editing photos and reading.

A few other places I made sure to hit up in town were Café Genevieve where I had “pig candy” for the first time and consumed so many of their amazing Brussels sprouts I’m surprised I didn’t turn into one, Persephone which is an amazing coffee shop that I sometimes splurge on the best gluten free chocolate cookies I’ve ever had and lastly the famous Cowboy Bar where pretending to saddle up on a horse is not weird since the bar stools are saddles! These are just three of the many awesome places we have in Jackson Hole, but I must say they are three of my favorites. I did however save my favorite for last. Local. Local is a restaurant that my family goes to every Christmas Eve for drinks and sweets before “midnight mass.” Their French fries are so good, along with their yummy dessert menu! They also have great food. My favorite is the fries!

So there a little bit about the place I will forever call home. They say home is where the heart is, and Jackson Hole definitely has my heart.  

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