Summer Classes

Now just because the University of Dayton says it’s a 4 year program, doesn’t mean you have to do it all in four years. For many different reasons a lot of students end up taking summer classes, whether that is to lighten the load, take on a second major or make up for changing majors so many times, summer classes are there to help you, not to discourage you.

Summer classes are easy to take and there are a few different ways to go about doing this. For one you can take them through the University of Dayton, either staying on campus for the summer and taking them physically at the University itself or taking them online through the University and going wherever you desire to go for the summer. You can also take classes through a college near you as long as you get the classes approved to transfer in credit wise.

For me I am taking my online summer classes through the University of Dayton. My reasoning for taking summer classes is because: 1) I changed my major, which added classes, 2) I only have been able to take 12 credits a semester and took on a minor and 3)I needed to lighten my load for my 5th year this upcoming 2017-2018 academic year.

The process for me was figuring out what all I had left in order to graduate next spring 2018. After doing that I figured out which classes were only offered in the fall and spring and put those into a definite schedule. After figuring out which classes I had to take in the fall or spring because that’s the only time they were offered I looked at the classes I could take either semester and looked for them in what was offered online in the summer.

Of course I found three classes I needed to take: sociology 101, science 190 and a science 190 lab. "Perfect," I thought to myself, so I signed up, did my FASFA with my parents and walah!, I was ready for summer classes. However, there was a problem. I signed up for the online science classes only offered in India. Yes it said “WEB” on them but it also said “Z1” which means it’s only offered abroad. After emailing back and forth with my academic counselor I was able to pick another science class, sign up for the lab in the fall and replace my third summer class with a different class. It was a close call as I only figured this out May 10th and my first session of classes starts May 15th, but the part that counts is that I figured it out and am finally in the right classes for being in the United States, not India.

Summer classes are there to help and a great thing to utilize. You may think that it will take away from your summer but actually some of my friends who have stayed on campus for summer classes have talked about how much fun they’ve had! A lot of students stay on campus and a lot of students go home and take classes. It’s not something that is always talked about because even though students are taking summer classes they’re still doing many other things in the summer that make summer still a great time despite a little extra school work.

Taking summer classes is a good thing to keep in mind when beginning college. It’s always good to know all the resources you have coming into college. For me I wish I had taken more summer classes through out my time at college to at least lighten the load, however, this was not an option for me due to having to work through a head injury. But now that I am more healed and able to I am grateful and excited to lighten my load and be ready for my final year at the University of Dayton!

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