Time for my fifth and last year of college

As I turned my Hyundai Sonata on at 6AM the morning of Saturday August 19, I felt a sense of excitement towards the journey I was about to embark on. My last year of college, I thought to myself, it’s finally come.

I turned around to see my grandma standing in the doorway of the house in her bathrobe half awake. I walked up the stairs, grabbed my coffee from her and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you at Thanksgiving Grandma,” I told her as I hugged her. She nodded and smiled, I had spent the whole summer with her and my grandfather and I knew she didn’t want me to leave yet.

After saying goodbye I got into my car, hit the go button on the gps and put the car in drive. 10 and ½ hours from Upstate New York to The University of Dayton Ohio my gps said. I laughed, I knew it was going to take me at least two to three hours longer than that due to the amount of stops I make when I drive long distances.

After I got off the back roads and onto the interstate I turned on my book on tape and settled into the drive.

The drive was smooth and I got to UD around 8pm.  I stayed with a friend because I hadn’t signed up for moving in early and because of that I couldn’t get into UD housing until the next day.

That next morning I got to the building on Kiefaber that distributes the keys at 8AM. To my surprise there was already a long line to get the keys. After waiting in the line and getting my key I drove over to Caldwell to find my apartment.

I felt overwhelmed even as a fifth year student because I didn’t know much about Caldwell. I also had never moved in with out my roommate Izzie and I didn’t even know where to park to off load my stuff.

After calming down and finding my apartment I opened the door and walked in. I was the first one there. I found the bedroom where my roommate, also a fifth year, and I would be sleeping. After dropping the few bags I had brought in with me I stopped and looked at the beds. I began to cry. Besides freshman year, I had never moved in with out Izzie. I suddenly missed her more than ever. It wasn’t that I was sad for living with my new roommate (whom I’ve been good friends with since Sophomore year), it was that I was so used to having Izzie by my side and now I stood alone in a room with two beds, something I’d never had to do before.

I calmed myself down, got my life back on track and proceeded to unpack. I took two storage unit runs that day and after my first storage unit-run one of my suitemates showed up with her dad. It was really neat to hear his story of what Caldwell was when he went to UD and how so much has changed on campus since then.

After my second storage run I was exhausted so I began to unpack the kitchen stuff. Shortly after I started unpacking, my second suitemate showed up and all three of us got ready and went out to dinner with her family.

At dinner we all sat at a big round table laughing at stories from the last few years, talked about our summer adventures, and got excitement for the future. I was really happy. And all of a sudden I felt at peace, this was definitely going to be a great last year of college. 

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