Time Management = Worry Less

In my opinion the real lesson in college, aside from all the knowledge that is thrown at us and somehow all stored in our brains, is figuring out time management. We really should all be getting awards at the end of the year saying, “Congratulations you made it through four years of managing your time well enough to graduate.” So, my question to you is: is there a secret to having good time management? Well I just may have found the answer and I’m going to share it with you.

The more we worry, the more we usually end up putting off because we are so focused on fixing the worry instead of working on getting done what is worrying us in the first place. Usually the worry is caused by so much to do and the feeling of too little time. This is where good time management comes into play. I must say I have gotten very good at it, especially always having such a busy schedule. So I am happy to share with you what I do, and what my secret is and hopefully it will help you figure out what your secret is!

Being in the moment; the here and now; step by step. I find that when I don’t make a list of what I need to do every day in detail, I get the most stressed. All I can think about is what have I forgotten? So here is one of my many secrets to time management, writing EVERYTHING down! I have a list of to-dos that have to do with everyday life, I have a homework list that is categorized by class and I always put the due dates next to each assignment, and I have a list of de-stressors (things to break up my homework that will allow my brain to rest, for example, going to the gym or getting frozen yogurt). 

But it’s not all about the lists. You can make list after list after list, and get nothing done. It’s about motivation. I’m sure you have all heard this a million times, however, I am going to tell you how to do it instead of just what to do. Be in the moment. Take what you need to prioritize first and focus on it and don’t look at anything else, focus on that one thing. This takes practice to not let your mind wander or get distracted. As far as what motivates you to sit down and actually do it, everyone is different. I can’t tell you what in the future or the past or the present will make you realize that each one of these things to do on your list will benefit you in some way.

For me it is mainly the idea that, as far as school goes, 4-5 years in the bigger picture is a very small amount of time. School is also going to be very beneficial to me so the break down of going to school, to having classes, to each individual homework assignment all working together for a fantastic future makes sense to me. My motivation is the great feeling of success. I love feeling successful. And with every homework assignment I get done I reward myself by telling myself that I did it, I got it done! It may seem small, but all small things lead to a bigger picture and in the end it’s all worth it!

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