UD Rocks!

Every school is unique, different from all the other schools. What makes each one of us gravitate toward a particular place is our uniqueness. UD students are an awesome bunch! UD for me stood out in many different areas, however the one that I love to tell people about is the rock-climbing wall. Especially people from home, one of the first things I say to them when they ask about my college is that we have a rock climbing wall! Yeah I know we’re pretty cool!

The rock wall is placed in the middle of the recplex which to me is so nice to see every time I either walk into the rec or walk by the rec. Another cool aspect is the climbing club. I joined the climbing club and absolutely love it! We meet every Wednesday for two hours and climb. The nice part about the club is it’s not intimidating; everyone is understanding of whatever level you choose to climb at and is very helpful – especially if you are new or nervous. I know I’ve gotten so much support getting back into climbing because I took a few years off. You do not have to be apart of the climbing team to climb! The rock wall hours that it is open to everyone no matter what level you are! And don’t worry you’ll be belayed by highly trained staff!

The rock wall is one of my favorite places to go when I’m feeling stressed or needing motivation. I do not always make the whole route the first time. Sometimes it takes me days of trying the same route before I get to the top. However, I find this very rewarding. As I finally finish a route I feel as though I have conquered the world. Climbing is all about individual personal goals set and achieved, it’s different for everyone. This is why the rock wall is a fantastic aspect to have at UD. So come check out the rock wall and give it a try, there’s no such thing as failure in climbing, you can only ever go up!

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