An OWL For The Summer

This summer I am a photography intern for a children’s museum in Oneonta New York. The name of the children’s museum is OWL – Oneonta World of Learning. OWL was founded in 2008 and is a wonderful place for children to enhance in their intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing. The museum is an environment for play and exploration! Not only is there a space for this all to happen, but OWL also hosts events to bring together the community. 

This summer I am photographing many different major events OWL is hosting - blue nano worms at Hanford Mills Museum, Ice cream Social, Dig Dirt Day, Pluto Party, and the Song Gathering and Music Making Children’s Concert. Along with these major events, I also go in the museum and photograph children playing and using the various activities set up such as the imaginary playground, animal mask making, the bear cave, matching the animals with their habitats and more! After I photograph each event, I select the photos that portray the event best and edit them. After editing them I add them to the website, http://www.oneontaworldoflearning.org. I also use these photos for our social media! 

Thus far, I have photographed two events and already have learned so much about the way I prefer to photograph in different lighting situations and how to photograph due to the different situations! It is great because I get to use everything I have been learning in my photography classes at UD! I have also realized I am getting more and more comfortable with my camera, which is an odd thing to say since I have always loved photography. The more I photograph, the more confident I am becoming. With this knowledge and confidence in my photographing, I am learning so much and continuing to fall in love with photography every day! 

My internship has not only given me new insight into different aspects of photographing, but has also reminded me how excitement I am for classes this fall. I know I have a lot more to learn and I believe this internship has helped direct me forward. It has helped me to grow and I am excited for whatever steps come next as I continue as a photography student at the University of Dayton!
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