A Sunset On The Sea

I have grown up spending a lot of time in Marblehead, Massachusetts docked in Marblehead’s harbor. My family has a passion for sailing and we would always take a sailing trip around Boston and up to Marblehead!

 When we would tie up to a mooring and go ashore we had a tradition of eating at The Landing! It is a wonderful place to get a perfectly cooked cheeseburger and drinks right off the dock! Another favorite place for breakfast is the Driftwood Diner. The yummiest pancakes in town!

 This trip however was not a sailing trip. We drove from upstate NY and instead of staying on our boat we stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Seagull Inn. I was impressed with not only their hospitality and service, but also our rooms! Our suite had a downstairs kitchenette; an upstairs bedroom and we even had a widow’s walk! Our widow’s walk was a roof area where we could see the harbor and watch the boats come and go. The wives of sailors in the days of old would keep a watch for their men to return after their long and dangerous voyages.

 The evening we arrived we joined my mother’s friends for drinks at the Corinthian Yacht Club. As I enjoyed a glass of Riesling, a wonderful sunset, good company, the smell of the sea, and lots of laughs, I thanked God for such a beautiful world filled with relaxing moments!

 After breakfast, my dad and I set out for a kayak around the harbor, checking out boats and enjoying the cool morning breeze and smell of the ocean. As we ended our morning kayak, I met up with my mom and brother. They were out bicycling the Neck and I ran with them for my morning jog. We ventured onto Castle Rock and also took some photos at the park where there was the Marblehead Lighthouse and a summer camp enjoying a game of tag!

 That afternoon, as we made our way to visit friends in Vermont, we stopped in Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel to enjoy lunch at their tavern with a family friend! It was amazing because the Hawthorne is celebrating its 90th year! My favorite food on the coast is a good ’ole New England Clam Chowder, and I did just that at The Tavern. As always it was delicious! 

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