The Busy East To The Wild West

I know everyone says this when they have that moment of realization, but I just have to be like everyone else and say, I cannot believe summer is almost over! I think I am feeling this way because my internship has ended and I am back home in Wyoming. Up until now I have been in upstate New York interning with a children’s museum. I photographed their events and blogged for them! I also worked at my grandparents restaurant in Mt. Tremper NY on weekends, visited friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time and friends I had, biked about 12 miles most every morning with my friend Tricia, went to Tea at Hyde Hall, attended a gala, went to The Magic Flute Opera at Glimmerglass, spent a few days in New York City with my Aunt Sue, attended a bunch of baseball games, and visited places and people in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts!

Now for the last month before I go back to school I am back in Wyoming where I moved to 4 years ago! I absolutely love Wyoming! It was a strange transition when we first moved here from upstate New York in 2011, however, my family and I knew it was the best decision we have ever made with in the first month of moving. It was just time to have new scenery and we moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Jackson Hole is known for it’s skiing, which is what my family and I love to do!

We also have a house in Red Canyon Wyoming, about 3 hours from Jackson. It is very peaceful up in Red Canyon and I absolutely love being able to walk out the door and see nothing but hills, clay dirt and mountains for miles and miles. The sunsets and sunrises are amazing as well. Sometimes I just look out and think to myself, “this is God’s country right here in front of me.” I have the most clarity when I am in Wyoming, which brings me a lot of joy and peace.

Next week my father and I are driving to Arizona to visit my grandparents and then to Las Vegas to pick up my roommate! My roommate, Isabella, is going to come spend a few weeks with my family and I in Jackson and up on Red Top! I cannot wait to show her around and take her to Yellowstone National Park and all of my favorite places to go (some on the map, others unknown by tourists hehe). I’m also planning to take Isabella up the gondola at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, ride the chairlift at Snowking, attend a show at the Bar J, go to Granite Hot Springs and swim in the naturally warm water, attend a Teton Music Festival, take a photo under the antler arches in the town square, go for a hike up on Red Canyon, go to my favorite coffee shops, and pic-nick in the beautiful parks we have here in Wyoming! So here’s to the rest of summer and enjoying every moment of everyday before we crank down on classes!

 Happy Summer!

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