Up The Orgs

As students heading to college are told, college is about exploration in many different forms; figuring out what one wants to do with their life and how to better themselves are the biggest quests of all. UD (University of Dayton) is one of the best places to grow in mind, body and soul. I say this with the greatest confidence because I have experienced growth in these areas due to UD’s wide range of opportunity. A huge part of exploring all of the opportunities UD has for everyone is an event called Up The Orgs.

Up The Orgs is where all of the UD organizations set-up a booth on the KU field and promote what they are all about to everyone and anyone. This ranges from Greek Life, to sign language club, to club sports, to free pizza from Dominos, and so much more! It is a huge event that we just had this past Friday (August 28th).

I personally found it extremely exciting and, just as I did last year, discovered clubs I never knew existed at any campus. As a transfer last year, Up The Orgs was extremely helpful in showing me that UD had something for everyone and that helped to make me feel more comfortable coming to a new school that I did not know a lot about.

This year I helped work the Kappa Delta (KD) booth. I worked the first shift and helped carry all of the supplied from the KD house to the KU field. On our table we had a board of photos showing our events, philanthropy, and sisterhood. We also folded a bunch of our KD shirts on the table and had two glass containers of pink lemonade that we handed out! Our big polka dotted letters were set up against the table and we even had some sunflowers on the table just to give it that extra touch! Of course the best part was that my sisters and I stood by the table handing out pink lemonade and talked to as many people as we could that walked by. The conversations we had with students, and a few professors, ranged from where they lived to what we were about to just life at UD in general. Oh and of course the fun question of “what did you do this summer?” So many great stories followed with meeting lots of fun people!

I also went all the way across the field to the CHAARG booth to check it out and say hi to my fellow CHAARG ladies! I did not have to go far to see the rock climbing booth because they were set-up right behind KD. As I was wandering I did find the sign language club and my roommate and I decided to sign up for that. I’m very excited to start something knew but also continue in the organizations I’m in now!

The best advice I can give you for success at UD is to get involved. I know almost everyone says this, but I feel as though no one can hear it enough! Find what you love to do and look to grow! UD can help you in all these areas and more when you explore!

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