When at first you don?t succeed, try try again!

           I never really knew what I wanted to go to college for. I was always waffling back and forth on what it was I would concentrate in. After boarding school, I finally decided that I needed some time to figure it out and wasn’t ready to go on to school, so I took my gap year. While living in Hawaii I decided that I wanted to go to school to play soccer. Well my friends, you cannot just go to school for soccer you have to also get a degree in something other than sports that make it so you wake up and train at 5:30 every morning.  I chose business because I had always had a dream of running a café or a coffee shop, so why not!?

            Turned out business was not for me! But I wanted to do something along the lines of working with people, so I switched over to communications. Much more of what I was interested in; writing and talking.

            After getting injured in soccer (head injury) I chose to transfer to Chaminade’s sister school here at UD. One of the reasons I decided to do this was because, if I wasn’t going to be playing soccer, I might as well be doing photography and Dayton has a good photography program.  I transferred with my communications major (concentration in management) and took on a photography minor.

            After getting a second head injury, I decided that I wanted to take on photography full time, so I switched my major and minor and begun fall semester of 2015 as a photography student with a communications minor.

            PAUSE! Before I tell you the turning point of this blog post I just have to make a comment. It’s OK to not know what you are doing. This is where you take what you know you are interested in, good at, and think you could continue as a career or use in some way in life. I am not sure exactly what I want to do in life, however I do know that it will have something to do with communication and something to do with photography and nothing to do with business!

            UNPAUSE… so about three weeks ago I realized that I missed the communications aspect of my degree more than I enjoyed being full time photography. So yes I changed back to a communications major with a minor in photography and realized that I love photography, I love communications but ultimately I love writing. So I am now a communications student with a concentration in journalism and a minor in photography.

            Sometimes it takes experimenting with different ideas in order to figure out where we are meant to be - even if we don’t know exactly where we are going. For me, I finally have figured out where I want to be as far as school is concerned, however it took me a couple of tries. It was not easy and, to be honest, it was really scary.

            Don’t be afraid to go with what you think is best for yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself and maybe even end up with a sounder mind in the end by entertaining your curiosity.

Happy Christmas Break and End of Fall Semester 2015!!

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