Back to School

Today was my last day of Christmas break, which meant my last day to be just a college student with few responsibilities. Starting tomorrow I will have a schedule, a rountine, a public image, and a packed lunch! All of these things may sound stupid, but for the past four years I have had very little structure in my life. The summers that I worked at the caverns were the most structure I ever had. While at school, my class schedules were different every day of the week; I almost never got up at the same time or went to bed at the same time. I definitely didn't have to pack a lunch, and my only responsibility was myself. I am by no means irresponsible, but as a student I only had to worry about my grades, my health, and my life. I obviously care very much about the others, but I was never solely responsible for others. Starting tomorrow it will be my responsibility that 100+ high school students learn science, learn life skills, and have a safe place to come to every day. Thankfully I am not alone in this lofty responsibility, but I am still a little overwhelmed at the thought.

Another life-changing thought is that becoming a teacher means that I have to hold myself to a higher standard than the general population. As I said, I am not irresponsible, and I make safe, smart decisions, but I can no longer do silly things like go to Walmart in pajama pants. Obviously I could, but I have to be prepared to see students or parents of students everywhere I go. I am a pretty straight-laced person, but I still find the thought of seeing my name on the front page of the newspaper for all sorts of things very intimidating.

Anyways, today I went to church with my grandparents and my fiance. Brandon and I made pancakes and sausage for lunch, and then I packed up my stuff and headed out. I wish packing took as long as it took to type this blog, but it unfortunately takes hours to pack, load, and unload. Since I stayed on campus all summer, I have not been home for an extended time since last Christmas, which means I had to take home more stuff than usual. After filling my car with bedding, house plants, groceries, clothes, etc, I finally hugged my family goodbye and left. I have to admit, I have never gone more than a month without seeing my family, and the goodbyes still get me. I absolutely hate saying goodbye to my family and now that I am going through such a changing time in life, goodbyes mean more than just "See you in a few weeks." My parents are extra emotional since I am getting married, and I am extra emotional because everything I do at this point is a first or last for something. On that note, enjoy every moment of every day! Goodnight!


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