Day 1 of Cell Unit

Hello, all! Today, as you may know, is a holy day honoring the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Since it is a holy day, my roommates are all good little Catholics and are going to Mass twice in one weekend! I am not saying that I am a bad Catholic, but I was raised in a very Protestant environment, so I never went to Mass on holy days. I also have never understood why one holy day is optional and another is an obligation. Since I never went to Catholic school and had minimal education in Sunday school, I have a huge deficit in my understanding of Catholicism.

Part of the reason I came to UD, was to immerse myself in Catholic culture and gain a better understanding of my faith. While I have not been able to accomplish this task completely, I have learned tons about Catholic culture and quite a bit of Catholic history.  I also have learned a great deal about Marianist Catholics, since this is a Marianist school. I unfortunately never had room in my schedule to take more than just a general religion class. Since I still yearn to learn more about my faith, tonight during family dinner I started asking my roommates questions. We had a fantastic conversation about a whole slew of things that I have always wondered! For instance, I never knew that the Pope is not embalmed when he dies. I also didn’t know that they crack his papal ring when he dies. I know those things aren’t fundamental to the church, but they are interesting facts!

As I was saying, the conversation was great, but it was even better because we had the conversation while eating a cake from Cake Boss! So tonight we had homemade pizza for family dinner, and as we were all finishing up our pizza one of our roommates comes out with a cake from Cake Boss! We freaked out!!! Apparently you can buy his cakes at Kroger, so it was not actually from his bakery, but still very cool and exciting. One of the things on our bucket list as roommates was to drive out to Hoboken, New Jersey and see Cake Boss when we graduated and tell him he contributed to our success in college. We used to watch his show all the time sophomore year, and apparently he will be back on T.V. next semester, which is quite exciting!

So go get yourself a Cake Boss cake and enjoy your evening!