Feeling Loved

Good morning! You know how artists and writers become famous after they are dead? Well, I feel sort of like that now that my college career is nearing the end. I spent a lot of my college career feeling like I was never doing enough or doing things as well as I could, so I felt like most of my professors thought the same thing. Well lately, I have been left with no choice but to accept the reality that I have been wrong all of these years. I promise that my goal of this blog is not to brag, but rather to demonstrate how thoughtful and kind UD's faculty are.

First off, I had lunch last Monday with all of the students, faculty, and staff that were involved in various events hosted by the president, Dr. Curran. I was invited to this event because I hosted a table of financial donors at the John Stuart Society Donor Dinner. As always, these lunches are extremely enjoyable because I get the opportunity to dine with fascinating people such as alumni. Well, the particularly alumnus that I was sitting with started asking me all sorts of questions about how to improve events such as the donor dinner. One of the things I said was that I would like to learn proper etiquette because I never feel like I know how to properly introduce myself or eat at these fancy events. Well, when I said that, the director of the Fitz Center, Dick Ferguson, quickly informed me how he chose me to host a table and do a lot of the public speaking for the Fitz Center because he thinks I am really good at it. As I said, I am not trying to brag, but I was sooooo extremely flattered that he said that because I always felt so insecure at all of these events. Since Dick is the director of the Fitz Center, he oversees the River Stewards, Dayton Civic Scholars, Semester of Service, Neighborhood School Center Volunteers, and probably several others that I forgot. All of these programs are just loaded with phenomenal students from this campus, who I typically compare myself to. It meant the world to me that he gave me such high praise because he works with the best students on campus.

After Dick's thoughtful comments, I received a Christmas gift from one of my favorite professors ever, Dr. Albert Burky. Dr. Burky was my invertebrate zoology professor, and I just adore him! He is so brilliant, hilarious, and an incredible teacher! Anyways, Dr. Burky gave me an ornament that is made from three sea urchin tests, which is the hard inside "skeleton." I have seen these ornaments that he had made for other people, and I always admired them, but I never expected to receive one! I will try to post a picture of the ornament on here because it is awesome! Anyways, he gave me the ornament that he made and then two bracelets that were made by women in Haiti. His daughter is adopting a baby from Haiti, and the orphanage has a program where the bracelets serve as a fundraiser. It may seem silly, but I was so excited that Dr. Burky thought enough of me to give me such a wonderful Christmas present! Just an fyi, Dr. Burky is part of the research team working on the research project I am on, so I work with him outside of just class.

So I was already flattered enough by Dick and Dr. Burky, when the former graduate student I work with, Julia Chapman, gave me a Christmas present, too! Julia made me a mug with a picture of one of our favorite herbs from our field site on it! It was so kind of her to think of me and to give me such a personalized gift. 

As if that wasn't all already enough, I got an email from my research advisor, Dr. McEwan, telling me how I have done such a great job on our research project! I was so surprised to see that email because I have been relentlessly critical of myself regarding lab work.

As I said earlier, I am not trying to brag about myself, but I want to show how thoughtful and caring UD faculty are. All of these people that gave me presents and said thoughtful things are all people that I hold in extremely high regard, so I feel as if my theory of not doing a very good job and never doing enough has been debunked. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with all of these wonderful people! I am finishing this semester feeling very blessed and thankful.


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