Graduation Part I

I have officially graduated from the University of Dayton! I cannot even begin to describe to you the surreal and almost eery feeling of graduation. I want to share with you all of the details of the past weekend, but I will start with today and then go backward.

As for today, I woke up this morning in my childhood bedroom. Believe it or not, I have lived in the same room in the same house my entire life. I have woken up in this house a million times, but I have never woke up feeling the way I do today. I feel very disoriented about where my life is at now that I have graduated. I woke up feeling out of place.

When you are a UD student, your parent's home and your hometown becomes second to your UD home. We all have had that moment when we tell our parents we are going "home," and they say, "What? I didn't know you were coming to town?" You then shamefully correct them that "home" means "UD." It sounds harsh, but it just happens. Since UD becomes home, it is painful to graduate; you lose a lot all at once. You go from living with all of your friends either in your house or just down the street, to all of your friends all over the world. You go from the poster-covered walls of a college house to the sophisticated decor of your parents house or your own place. You go from coffee every morning with your friends to coffee by yourself. You go from having an "in-house" social life to having to seek out time with friends. It is a huge adjustment!

The other major adjustment is losing your identity. I feel very much that I have lost my identity over a weekend. I went from being a UD student yesterday, to a teacher at Piqua high school today. I am no longer a student and now a teacher. I no longer live in Dayton, but rather Bellefontaine. I went from discussing plans after graduation to living them. As a UD student, you feel that you are constantly part of something that is greater than you. I felt that I was part of a group who was working toward a common goal, and now I feel like I am one person in a big world. While I know I can go back to UD anytime I wish, and I know my friends are all just a facebook message or phone call away, it is hard to remember that when they used to be just around the corner. I also know that I have extremely exciting things coming very soon, but again, it is hard to focus on that when things have changed so quickly.

Stay tuned for more details about graduation weekend. I promise the other blogs will be less melancholy. I am only demonstrating the sad side of graduation to accurately display what a wonderful and life-changing experience it is to be a UD student.


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