Graduation Part II

So I am going to go backward to fill you in on the wonderful details of graduation weekend. I thought I would have more time than I have, so this is a little late. Anyways, I am going to start with the beginning of all of the events from graduation. Friday, May 3 most of the departments had their own receptions, so being a dual degree student, I had several different receptions to go to. I had my Fitz Center reception first, which was my graduation from the River Stewards program. The reception was neat because many of us had our parents there, so our parents finally had the chance to put faces to names and stories. We had a bunch of goodies and then we all got a present from Dick Ferguson, the director of the Fitz Center. I got a metal picture frame with the UD emblem on it, which was quite classy. I also was nominated for an award called "The Emily," which is an award for a person who has best carried out the Fitz Center mission of servant leadership. The student who received the award did an incredible amount of work in the Dayton Public Schools through a Fitz Center program called Neighborhood School Centers, and she absolutely deserved the award.

As the Fitz Center reception was concluding, the College of Arts and Sciences banquet was beginning. I did not get to go to the College of Arts and Sciences dinner because I had several other banquets at the same time, which was a bummer. I scurried from the Torch Lounge in Kennedy Union over to 1700 South Patterson where the College of Education and Allied Professions was hosting their reception. I got that reception late because the Fitz center thing ran over, so I was scrambling around with my parents trailing behind, but we made it. We were standing around in this cramped room when my dad noticed a guy who looked familiar. My dad and this guy met eyes and the guy came over to us and introduced himself as former governor Bob Taft. I learned that he is a professor at UD and lectures on educational policy! By the time we finished talking to him we all played musical chairs for the awards portion of the reception. They recognized all of the students who received Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude). They also gave out various awards for the different programs. I was excited to get an award for excellence in teaching; I didn't even know there were awards until I learned I was receiving this!

After the education reception, we hurried off to the biology department dinner, which I will discuss in a separate blog. Onward!


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