Graduation Part V: The Big Day

In four short years, the day that seemed far away snuck up on us was time to graduate. Strangely, UD's graduation is at 9:45 in the morning on Sunday. Sunday morning we all managed to get ready without shedding a single tear; we all ventured over to the arena, sleepy eyed and emotionally exhausted. We had to be there at 9:00, so all of us graduates were gathered in the wings of the arena, recounting the events of the last four years, hugging, and taking pictures. It was pretty cool because we were all organized by major, which meant I was able to spend those final minutes before the closing of this phase in life with some of my best friends. At this point, I felt that I had cried all the tears that I could cry, and I was ready to take in the the ceremony with confidence that I was ready for this new stage of life. Well...when the music started, we all got a little nervous and felt a little less confident in our ability to accept the changes ahead. We quickly composed ourselves and made our way into the arena.

The ceremony was wonderful. I have always enjoyed graduations, and I especially enjoyed this one. I was sitting with many of my friends around me as we listened to our class president recount the events of our shared four years at UD. Dr. Curran, the president of UD, gave a fantastic speech. He said that graduating from UD means we have many new doors open to us, but the door to UD is never closed. He said he wants us to always come back and feel at home, which I thought was really neat. As you can probably tell, leaving UD is not an easy thing to do, so hearing you are always welcome back feels good. Anyway, the best part of Dr. Curran's speech was when he acknowledged his son, who graduated with us. He started to choke up when describing how proud he was of him, so of course we were all choked up in the audience (so much for not crying). After a few short speeches, it was time to award the degrees. It felt like they were reading names forever, but we didn't mind because we had the chance to cheer for our classmates and catch up with those sitting around us. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of Dr. Curran ready to receive my diploma. I gave Dr. Curran a hug because he has been such a wonderful president, and I had the chance to get to know him over the past few years. After Dr. Curran, I was given my diploma and greeted by a group of my professors ready to congratulate me. I walked on around and waved at my family, and then I headed back to my seat. It was such an awesome feeling to have finally accomplished something that seemed so impossible at times. After the ceremony, my family and I went out to eat at Max and Erma's before heading to my house to move me out.


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