I Saw Polar Bears!

My Life: Amy


Hi there! I hope everybody is enjoying their summer as much as I am. I have been working a lot but this week I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off... More

Summer Time Has Begun

My Life: Amy


Hello! As usual, I have been ridiculously busy these last few days. A lot of my family came to town for Memorial Weekend, which was fun. Saturday they... More

Cavern Microbiology and Family

My Life: Amy


Hello! Today was a super busy day--- I gave a lot of tours! By the last tour, I couldn't remember if I had said certain things on this tour or if it w... More

Work Outing

My Life: Amy


Hello, again! It is amazing to me how I used to be on my computer constantly at school and now I never touch it. I have to consciously remember to blo... More

Kind People

My Life: Amy


"Good evening! I have been terrible about blogging because I feel my life is terribly uneventful. I work about 35 hours a week, so I'm not doing anyth... More

Small World

My Life: Amy


Hello there! Today was my first day off after working nine days straight. I really like my job, but after nine days of it, I was ready for a day off. ... More

Busy, Busy, Busy

My Life: Amy


Hello! I just realized I have been slacking on my blog! I have been incredibly busy lately,and it just slipped my mind. Well, I started working last ... More

First Day on the Job

My Life: Amy


"Hello! Today was my first time working at the caverns. I have never had a real job with a schedule and what not, so I was pretty nervous going in. Or... More

UD from the Sky

My Life: Amy


Hello, I am back in O-H-I-O! I flew home Tuesday night and started work today. Sunday I went to a Presbyterian church, which was interesting. I have b... More

Greetings from Georgia

My Life: Amy


Hello, there. I am thoroughly enjoying my first couple of days of summer in Georgia. I moved home Thursday night and flew out Friday morning. Since I ... More

Happy, Sad, Excited, Relieved, Lonely

My Life: Amy


Hello! Today has been insanely crazy. I have been studying so much lately that I have not had time to blog! I have been through the war this week; how... More

Some More Lasts

My Life: Amy


"Hello! I have successfully done nothing productive for the last five hours. I had a chem. lab final and a religion final this morning, and have done ... More

My Last Saturday

My Life: Amy


Hello. I'm just going to forewarn you, this is going to be a sad blog; I need to vent my sadness. I got up this morning and started my laundry. I was ... More

Classes have Ended

My Life: Amy


"Hello! Today was my last day of classes. I am soooooo soooooo soooooo sad. I really enjoyed this semester and next semester is not looking pretty. Ne... More

Lesson Learned

My Life: Amy


"Hello. I have not had much time to blog lately because I have been absolutely swamped with work! Today I had a biology quiz and a chemistry test. For... More