Best Birthday Ever!

My Life: Amy


"Hello! I have been ridiculously busy lately and have neglected my blog. No worries, I will be back on top of things ASAP! Today is my birthday, and I... More

Little Sibs Weekend!

My Life: Amy


Hello! I have had so much work this week that I have not had time to blog. I have not gotten more than six hours of sleep in the last week. I don't kn... More

Chemistry is Not the Devil

My Life: Amy


Hello! I have to share my revelation. Today I officially decided that chemistry is not the devil. In high school, I despised chemistry with my entire ... More

All Good Things Come to an End

My Life: Amy


This weekend has been really great; I hate that it has to end. I really shouldn't complain because I only have two and a half more weeks and I get fiv... More

Homework Saturdays

My Life: Amy


"Good afternoon! Nothing exciting is happening, but I just wanted to share one of my favorite things about dorm life; I love Saturday mornings and aft... More

Girl's Night!

My Life: Amy


Hello! Tonight was so much fun! My friends and I painted our nails and colored pictures! We have not just had a fun girl's night in a long time, so we... More

Walking and Talking

My Life: Amy


"Hello! Today was another beautiful day! I have class from 9-3 with no breaks on Wednesday's normally, but I got out of bio. lab. early! I had extra t... More

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My Life: Amy


"I am so exhausted and really just want to go to bed, but I couldn't help but blog really quick about today. Days like today make UD worth every penny... More

All Good Things Come to an End

My Life: Amy


Sadly, my spring break is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed my break even though I didn't go anywhere. I happily watched many hours of Gilmore G... More

Running Prognosis = No Good

My Life: Amy


"Hello, it's story time! Seven years ago I started running. I thought running was the best thing in the world, so I did it all the time. One day I tho... More

Spring Break Activities

My Life: Amy


Hello. Unfortunately, I'm spending my spring break in Ohio. I'm quite jealous of all the UD students headed down south while I'm stuck here with the s... More

Only One More Day!

My Life: Amy


"Who is motivated to do homework? Not me! We are all so ready for break, but still moping around that we won't see each other for a week. Tonight we d... More

River Stewards!

My Life: Amy


Tonight I went to a meeting about the River Institute and River Stewards and I am so excited! It is a program about promoting the rivers in the Dayton... More

Hard Work Can Pay Off

My Life: Amy


I am so excited. I was looking at my grades online and saw that I got an A on my biology exam. I am not sharing this to brag but to demonstrate that h... More

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

My Life: Amy


Time is just ticking away! There are so many deadlines and time is just running out! This weekend was pretty good. I ended up going home on the spur o... More