My Life: Amy


Well, here I am sitting in my bed on a Friday night. I am feeling quite pitiful, but my throat is so sore I have no energy to do anything. I hear tech... More

Ash Wednesday

My Life: Amy


I definitely had the full Catholic experience today. I have always been Catholic, but I was one of the only Catholics in my high school, so it was not... More

More Snow....

My Life: Amy


Once again, we got dumped on by snow. Classes were cancelled at 3:00 today which was conveniently the same time I was done with all of my classes. I s... More

Chocolate Fountain Cure

My Life: Amy


I drove to UD for the second time. My mom has decided I should drive with her so I am prepared for next year. It really isn't a bad drive. I am really... More

Home for the Weekend

My Life: Amy


I decided to come home this weekend. A lot of people went home for the weekend to see their significant other. I find it very impressive how many peop... More

New Workout!

My Life: Amy


I am so excited I can't help but share my new workout! I really wanted to go to the rec. today, but I didn't feel like walking there in the cold, so I... More

To Go or Not to Go?

My Life: Amy


"I am sitting here pondering whether to go to the basketball game tonight or not. I want to go because this is the last game I can go to, but I also w... More

It's Blizzarding!!!!

My Life: Amy


Hello! It is snowing and blowing like crazy here in Dayton! I am not complaining, though, because we got out of classes at 1:30 today. Snow days do st... More


My Life: Amy


"D-A-Y-T-O-N F-L-Y-E-R-S GO UD! Today was the Xavier game and we destroyed them! It was awesome! The Flyers played sooooo well! Starting from the ve... More

Snow Snow and more Snow!

My Life: Amy


Hello! I can't help but vent for just a moment. I am usually thrilled to see it snow, but this snow is ruining my weekend. Tomorrow is the Xavier game... More

Bio Lab

My Life: Amy


Good evening! Well I successfully completed none of my goals for today. It is so hard to buckle down and do my homework on Wednesday nights because no... More

Goal Setting!

My Life: Amy


Hello. So I decided today is the day to set goals and accomplish them. It's so easy to let things go and procrastinate, but no more! I have a goal to ... More

High School vs. College and Buddha vs. Jesus

My Life: Amy


"Hello. Today was a beautiful day! It had been so dreary forever I was about to lose it! Today was my long day, so it's nice to sit and take a load of... More

Back at UD

My Life: Amy


I am back at school now. I am so proud of myself because I drove to Dayton for the first time! I know it's kind of pathetic, but I don't like highways... More

Housing Assignment and Such

My Life: Amy


I am so excited because I got my housing assignment for next year! I am living in the Virginia W. Kettering suites with three other girls. I also have... More