Catholic International Business Conference

My Life: Amy


Happy Monday! I can only say happy Monday because I am blessed enough to have an awesome job this summer. This weekend I was reflecting on the events ... More

Big News!

My Life: Amy


Hello, all! I hope everybody is enjoying these toasty summer days! Dayton has been a great place to be this summer because there are so many fun outdo... More

Shower Fears

My Life: Amy


Hi, there! I hope everybody is enjoying these beautiful summer days! I was fortunate enough to enjoy yesterday at Cox Arboretum here in Dayton. I am a... More

Baptism in Georgia

My Life: Amy


Hello! I hope everybody is enjoying their summer so far! My summer has been just flying by!!!! This past weekend I went to Georgia for my cousin's kid... More

I love my jobs!

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Hi, there! I just wanted to give a quick update on some of what I am doing this summer. I am primarily working for the Rivers Institute as an intern, ... More


My Life: Amy


Hello all! I hope everybody is headed toward a wonderful long weekend! I am headed home as soon as I finish this blog! Anyways, I titled this blog "Di... More

Summer 2012

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Hello! I have been slacking in my blogs lately, but rest assured because I fully intend to update you on the last few weeks soon...hopefully. For now,... More

The End is Near!

My Life: Amy


Hello! The title of this post is ambiguous, but never fear, I am referring to the end of the semester. I am in total and complete denial that the seme... More

Dr. David Suzuki and Wright Brother's Mansion

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Good evening! This week has been absolutely crazy! Monday I had lunch with Dr. David Suzuki and attended his speech Monday night. David Suzuki is one ... More

I'm not ready to graduate

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Greetings! I hope everybody had a great week! My week has been a bit of a struggle because this ailment has yet to leave me alone. I am definitely not... More

Easter Break

My Life: Amy


Hello, all! I hope everybody is enjoying their Easter break. UD had/has Thursday through Monday off, so I have been home the last few days. Unfortunat... More

Invertebrate Zoology

My Life: Amy


Hello! I hope everybody had a great day! I love this time of year when all of the flowering trees are out and the bulbs are all blooming! While I was ... More

Drew Woods Field Sampling

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Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was good. Yesterday was my birthday, so my family came down and took me out to dinner, and we sa... More

UD is the Place to Be!

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Hello! I tell you what, today is a great day to be a Dayton Flyer! If you haven't heard, President Obama and the British Prime Minister are currently ... More

Little Sibs Year 3

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Good evening! This weekend was little sibs weekend, so I am sitting here missing my little brother.... We had an awesome time! The Campus Activities B... More