It's the Little Things

Good morning! It is a beautiful Saturday to be here in Dayton! I woke up this morning (earlier than I would have liked) and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I got a bowl of cereal and started some coffee. While I was waiting on my coffee to brew, I went and sat on my patio to eat my cereal. I was only out there for probably 10 minutes, but I felt that it was the most peaceful 10 minutes that I have had in a long time. I sat there in my unmatched pajamas and just listened to the birds. Even though I live in the city, I still feel that I have a little oasis in my backyard. I was sitting there looking at all of the different flowering trees, the squirrels running about, and the birds singing and flittering around. For the next week, it is my goal to take in every minute of every day as I near the end of this phase in my life. I am certainly going to miss my house here at UD.

As for the rest of today, my roommates and I are going to go to the 2nd Street Market for lunch and a little bit of shopping. I have talked about the market in the past, but if you are new reader, the market is a huge farmer's market with everything from spices to lamb chops. They also have vendors who serve food and artists who sell jewelry, pottery, and all sorts of things. Enjoy this beautiful day!


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