Major Milestones

Hello! I have had a roller coaster life for the past month, and the ride is officially coming to an end. Yes, graduation is the true end, but these past three weeks have been jam packed with triumphs and tears. Today I presented my research at the Stander Symposium about the herb layer at Drew Woods State Nature Preserve. The research was done last spring, and it served many purposes such as providing me experience, education, a one credit hour lab, and presenting at Stander is a graduation requirement for science education. It was a lot of fun to present about the project that I worked so hard on and enjoyed so much. After my poster session, I went and saw my art friends present about their entire career at UD and how their art has changed. I always love the Stander Symposium because I get a chance to see what other students on campus are working on. Anyways, the box on my checklist for graduation next to Stander Symposium can now be checked.

In other news, I have been asked to be a science teacher at Piqua high school, and I have accepted the position. It has not been board approved yet, and it all is pending that I graduate and get my license, but I have accepted the offer. I am really excited about the opportunities for me at Piqua City Schools, and it is exactly where I wanted to be. I am from rural Ohio, and I am ready to go back to the small town life, so I wanted to be rural. I also wanted to be close to Dayton and part of the river corridor, so I can continue with the river stewards things in a different place. Piqua is everything that I was looking for and more! The school has a lot of land with a land lab, a greenhouse, a section of forest, and it is close to the river. I will most likely be teaching non-biology classes my first year, which is fine with me, but I am hoping to have some sort of science club that meets after school.

Just as a quick timeline of events. My spring break was the week after Easter, and I spent all of break doing job applications, interviews, cover letters, thank yous, etc. The week after break, I was still doing job interviews and whatnot, and after three long weeks of stress and hard work, I was offered the position at Piqua. I accepted the position on Thursday, April 11, and then I had my last licensure test on Saturday, April 13. After my test, I had to frantically prepare my poster for Stander today, which is why I am calling this the end to my wild roller coaster ride. I had moments where I swore it was the worst three weeks of my life, and now I feel that they were some of the best weeks of my life. It feels great to be finishing out the year with a job in mind. Unfortunately, I cannot be too excited because if I didn't pass my chemistry, physics, and general science Praxis test, then I may not get to keep the job. Fingers crossed that does not happen. Anyways, I am fighting off my urge to take a nap with papers to grade and lessons to write, so I better go. Have a great evening!


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