More than just a time change....

Good afternoon, all! In case you haven't noticed, it is March. March is the halfway point of spring semester, which means that I have less than two months to get a job, finish my degrees, graduate, enjoy Dayton, enjoy UD, and solidify friendships into the future. No big deal, right? Aaaahhhhh!

It is a totally crazy time right now for graduating seniors. As an education major, my job season is creeping on shore. Last week I had a practice interview with Troy City Schools, which was a fantastic experience. Through Career Services, I was able to choose from a variety of schools hosting practice interviews for education majors. Obviously even practice interviews matter because you never know where you may end up, but it was a great chance to get feedback on interviewing. Since the interview, I have been actively seeking a job. The Dayton region has a website called the Dayton Consortium which allows schools in this region to post positions all in one place. The website has one application that serves as almost a common ap. The application took a really long time, but it is nice to have it all done. This week we have a workshop to prepare us for future interviews and then next week we have a job fair! So many job-related things on the calendar!

Besides trying to find a job, I spend most of my time grading and writing lesson plans. I am also in the process of preparing to present my research at the Stander Symposium in April. I have really enjoyed those short moments of being a regular college student again. Last week I felt like a normal college student because I had class on campus, and I went to the grad fair. The grad fair was an enjoyable experience but a sad reminder that the end of my time here is near. I received half of my graduation garb, information about my loans (uggg....), and information about becoming an alumni. I am ready for the next stage of my life, but I am sad to leave behind UD. For now, I am going to go downstairs, make family dinner, and enjoy my last semester. Have a great night!


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