Never a Dull Moment

Good evening! I am proud of myself because this is my second blog this week! Can you tell my student teaching is winding down?

Today we had parent teacher conferences for our students, which was a lot of fun surprisingly. I am blessed with the opportunity to teach in a freshman academy, which means that I share the same students as the math, English, and history teacher on my team. It has been such a great experience because we can all work together to work toward a student's strengths and better identify their problem areas. We all meet as a team every Friday to discuss initiatives, incentives, issues, and interventions. It has made for a tight-knit group among the freshman teachers, so I will really miss everybody when I am gone. Anyway for conferences, we had only about four parents come in, so we all mostly just hung out and worked in between conferences. It is hard to believe how I went from being the awkward observer in the background to part of the team.

I have to say, this week has been the strangest week of teaching ever, and I so badly wish that I could share the outrageous details with you, but I don't want a student to stumble across my blogs and see that I was talking about the outrageous things they do in my class. Let's just say that nothing surprises me at this point.

Tomorrow I am teaching as usual, and then I am going to rush back to campus to go to my very last River Stewards mini course. The last mini course is like a little senior thing, so we all are going to share about our experiences in the program and where we are headed.


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