Normal Student Again

Friday was my last day at Stebbins, so I am back to being a regular student again. I absolutely loved being at Stebbins, but it is very challenging having one foot in the world of teaching and one foot in the world of college. The college student life is much easier. This morning I didn't't’t have a seminar, so I didn't't’t have class until 2:00! It was quite enjoyable having my morning to myself this morning. This afternoon I had human anatomy and genetics of human diseases.

            After class I came home and begged my roommate to go for a walk with me. I am sad because she is graduating in December, so the reality of her leaving is beginning to sink in. Huge sad face….Anyways, we took a nice walk through Oakwood and admired all of the mansions. We always walk through and say which houses we like or don’t like, and try to imagine what our houses will look like. After our walk we ordered Buffalo Wild Wings and watched some good old HGTV. The past three years of school I almost never had time to just hang out with friends and roommates, but senior year I have made the effort to hang out with everybody before we all go our separate ways.

            After dinner we came upstairs and said we would get work done and both got on Facebook. Oh well. You only live once, right? 


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